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Data visualisation: communicating visually - Live Webinar

Since the sharp increase in incoming data flows, the challenge has shifted from the data itself to the insights that the data has to offer. What is the point of it if we do not understand the essence?
Data visualisation offers the answer here. By translating data into a visual overview, you can communicate more efficiently and make business decisions more quickly. So the question is how we can make the visualisation efficient and effective!

In this data visualisation course, you will learn to understand how a person takes in visual insights and how you can use this knowledge to give data visualisations shape in such that they clearly convey the right insights. After the Data Visualisation course, you will know the importance of visual information and how people can process this information smoothly.

You have insight into the different data visualisation techniques and have a good idea of how you can apply them in practice with modern BI tools such as Power Bi.

Finally, you are able to assess which conditions a good dashboard must meet and how you can distil insights from data and transfer them using intuitive graphs and charts.

This course aims to:

Niveau Advanced
Type opleiding E-learning, Blended learning

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21/04/2021 - Data visualisation: communicating visually

28/04/2021 - Data visualisation: communicating visually

06/05/2021 - Data visualisation: communicating visually

11/05/2021 - Data visualisation: communicating visually

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The course can be followed by anyone who wants to improve his/her competences and self-confidence in processing and communicating data.

Typical target groups are:

Vereiste voorkennis

Advanced: offers practical applications to the already acquired theoretical knowledge of the “basic level” courses (in-depth).

Additional prior knowledge required:

A certain amount of knowledge of working with large data sets is recommended. Prior knowledge of Power Bi is not required.



Day 1 & 2

We take the needed practical view of the matter.

Day 3 & 4



Duration:  4 times 3 hours

Time: 9h - 12h30

Extra info: How to get started? You will receive access to our learning platform.

To be able to follow the webinar, you will need: a computer/tablet, a stable internet connection and the possibility to play sound. You will see the teacher and the presentation on your screen. You also have the possibility to ask questions throughout the webinar. This training follows with an online test. In order to receive a certificate of continuous professional development, it's mandatory to follow the whole webinar and pass the test with at least 60%.


Type of training: Webinar (short online training)
During Live Webinars you will see the presentation and the trainer live on your screen. You can communicate with the trainer and ask questions.

Course material: PowerPoint presentation

Bank: De opleiding betreft de technische kennis m.b.t. de financiële producten in bank- en beleggingsdiensten overeenkomstig art. 7, §1, 1°, b en c van het K.B. van 1 juli 2006.

Banque: Les connaissances techniques relatives aux produits financiers et aux services bancaires et d'investissement, conformément à l'article 7, §1er, 1°, b et c. de l'AR du 1er juillet 2006.


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