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  3. The best practices and current challenges of Enterprise risk management in finance

The best practices and current challenges of Enterprise risk management in finance

This course aims at introducing the best practices of modern enterprise risk management as well as its current challenges in a banking industry which is accelerating its digital transformation and facing continuous regulatory reforms, new non-financial risks and increased competition from non-banks.

Categorie Financieel
Niveau Expert
Type opleiding E-learning, Blended learning

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16/11/2020 - The best practices and current challenges of Enterprise risk management in finance

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This training is intended for various target groups active in business, operations, ICT, risk and finance who want to better understand:

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Expert Level: This training will provide advanced characteristics on a specific topic. In order to grasp the concepts of this training, thorough knowledge is required (enhancement).

Required prior knowledge:


  1. The different perspectives on “Risk” at the enterprise level
    • Risk as the uncertainty around all business objectives, financial and non-financial
    • Risk appetite, a translation of business strategy
    • Impact on risk governance along the 3 lines of defence model
  2. Visible and hidden sources of risk in financial services
    • Financial vs non-financial risk types
    • Risks that create value and growth, vs risks that create costs or destroy value
    • Risks at transaction/position level vs risks at portfolio/balance-sheet level
    • Risks specific to each business lines
  3. A business case of enterprise risk: the 2008 financial crisis
    • The history, root causes and consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
    • Lessons learned and road to regulation
    • The unintended consequences of regulations
  4. Latest developments and new challenges in enterprise risk management
    • Emerging new risk types, due to changes in climate, geopolitics, technology, and society
    • Changes in bank operating models, due to growing market-based financing, digitization, and business fragmentation
    • Scenario-based planning for unknown risks in an uncertain world


Duration: 1 day training

Hours: 9am - 5pm

Place: This training course will be given online.

Extra information: This training will be given in English.


Type of course: Online, blended learning

During our theoretical training courses we offer a combination of theory and practical exercises. The cases, examples and exercises are taken from everyday situations or are contributed by you and then solved under the guidance of the trainer.

Teaching Material: Powerpoint presantation (slides)


Tamar Joulia-Paris
Risk, finance & treasury