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Business and digital transformation skills (The Master Channel) - online courses

Via the subscription to this program, you receive access to the platform 'The Master Channel'. During a full year, you can follow a wide range of online courses to learn the skills to thrive in the age of digital transformation, such as business analysis, business process management and modeling, lean and agile project management, or data analytics.


Niveau Advanced
Type opleiding E-learning

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The training course can be taken by various target groups which are active in the following functions, among others:

Vereiste voorkennis

Advanced: offers practice-based applications to complement the theoretical knowledge already acquired through the “basic level” courses (in-depth learning).

The courses can be followed regardless of your experience with business analysis, data modeling, etc.



The Master Channel is an online learning platform. Every course is taught by experts in their field and routinely checked for quality. The course offering is continuously evolving. For detailed information, you can always check www.themasterchannel.com/coursefinder.

Practical Information

3 days after your and subscription (and payment) you will receive an e-mail to login to The Masther Channel platform. 1-year access to the Master Channel platform with more than 30 online courses. Each course has a duration of +- 2 hours.


E-learning: You can take this training course via self-paced e-learning by using the online learning platform The Master Channel. Most courses also feature the option to take an online exam. Upon successfully completing the exam, you will receive a downloadable, shareable, and verifiable certificate.

Training material: